• Science Fiction has always influenced science
    The fiction of today is the reality of tomorrow. Well, not always, of course. But with amazing – or alarming? – frequency, SF previsions the changes, the gadgets, the problems to come. But also the solutions. “Science Fiction has always influenced science,” says Tobias Wengert, the founder of Next Frontiers – Applied Fiction Days. Wengert’s … Read more
  • Introducing Privacy Engineering Boffin Jaap-Henk Hoepman
    These are exciting, yet at the same time worrying, times. ICT is increasingly used to empower and connect people (already before but even more so during the corona crisis). This gradual confluence of the virtual and the real world into one Internet of People and Things is changing the world before our very eyes. Are … Read more
  • How NEXT FRONTIERS came about
    Predictions are difficult, especially when they concern the future. With this good old saying, one is left perplexed at first. Who should one ask? Who knows anything about the future? Tobias Wengert, known as the initiator of the cross-media cultural event “Dragon Days”, had the right idea. Two types of people deal with the future … Read more