10. November 2023
Haus der Architekten Stuttgart

The change in the climate, the transformation of the world of work, the energy and food supply, the damage to the biosphere, artificial intelligence that is becoming more and more competent by leaps and bounds – these are just a few of the great challenges facing humanity.
There is a worldwide search for completely new ideas, for revolutionary fresh approaches, for bold liberation from the status quo – or sometimes just for Columbus’s egg in questions of detail. The annual Stuttgart future congress Next Frontiers – Applied Fiction Days is part of a global movement: the bringing together of researchers, manufacturers and storytellers, the networking of fantasists and practitioners. We invite people from universities, companies and writing studios, bring science, science fiction and best practice into dialogue in ever new combinations. The Stuttgart event Next Frontiers: In search of a better future.

Registration is requiredanmeldung@next-frontiers.de
Date: 10. November 2023
Location: Haus der Architekten Stuttgart – Danneckerstraße 54, 70182 Stuttgart
Time: 9:00 – 17:00 Uhr


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